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Protect your investment. Our professionally installed surveillance systems protect millions of dollars worth of assets and our support is second to none.


Surveillance Done Right

All of Cannatech NM’s surveillance systems are crafted with the customer in mind. All of our systems are designed from the ground up to be Cannabis Control Division compliant. Before we install we provide all of our customers with free surveillance diagrams and estimates so you know exactly what your finished system will be before making a purchase.

Examples of Our Work

Features and Options

Motion Detection

All of Cannatech NM’s surveillance systems come standard with motion detection capabilities. Motion detection can be configured for specific cameras at specific times to provide the best possible protection of your assets.

License Plate Capture

Select systems can be configured to support line-crossing detection and license plate capture analytics. This allows users to enhance their access control ability by logging license plates that appear on premises and even blacklisting certain vehicles. 

Facial Recognition

Select systems can be configured to support facial recognition. This allows operators to search footage for specific individuals, simplify time and attendance tracking, and even send alerts for individuals not allowed on premises. 

Heat Mapping

Select systems can be configured to support heat mapping functionality. Heat mapping allows business owners to identify where customers spend the most time in their stores to optimize customer flow and increase revenue.

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